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Commercial Real Estate Broker - Albuquerque Realtor

Albuquerque Commercial Real Estate Broker

If you need to buy, sell, or lease commercial property in Albuquerque I can help.  I serve the entire State of New Mexico and California.  I offer both online-only MLS flat-rate commercial real estate listings. I’m also a full-service commercial real estate broker in greater Albuquerque. Below is a list of commercial property in New Mexico to help you start your search.  Call me for more information or if you need a commercial broker to submit a lease application.

As a commercial real estate broker in Albuquerque I can help you calculate Cap Rates and Gross rent Multipliers to ensure a deal makes good financial investment sense.  Commercial real estate investment is sometimes speculative so return on investment can vary depending on vacancy rates, and expense factors due to age and type of the property etc.  Part of my services as an Albuquerque commercial real estate broker include valuation of property.  I use several methods of calculating value but it’s usually done by the income approach.  If you need help in buying, selling, or leasing Albuquerque commercial property of any kind please give me a call and I’m happy to help.

Commercial real estate in Albuquerque, NM is very diverse.  Farms, ranches, malls, hotels, retail stores, medical centers, industrial property, multi-family housing such as apartments, warehouses, and mechanic garages, are a few types.  Restaurants, and retail buildings seem to be the most common businesses I see and a commercial real estate broker.  We also have many small shopping centers that have grocery stores with smaller businesses around them.  The grocery store is considered the ‘anchor’ for the center.  Generally speaking a building with four or more residential units is considered commercial property.  Other commercial property that doesn’t neatly fit into the bigger categories would be self storage and and hospitals.  Most large Albuquerque commercial real estate is owned by investors, and is intended to generate profits from long term capital gains or rental revenue.  Most commercial real estate lending is done by life insurance companies.  They prefer to lend to commercial real estate investments because of its large capital requirement and longer term loans.  Commercially zoned real estate is more valuable than residential because of its income generating potential.  Zoning of New Mexico commercial property greatly affects the value of the subject.  It’s very tough to get zoning of commercial property changed, but it can be done.  By paying off the right politicians.  JUST KIDDING!  

Albuquerque commercial real estate can be office buildings, small strip centers or professional centers, or single location free standing businesses.  Industrial property around Albuquerque has a few distinctive differences from traditional commercial property.  They must have taller ‘clear height’ for manufacturing or heavy machinery.  They also have docks for trucks to load and unload the products and raw materials. As an experienced commercial real estate broker I can find just what you need.  

Our New Mexico commercial rental property is usually priced by the square foot of usable space.  Other factors influence lease value as well.  Zoning and specific uses of the location determine the rental amount.  Traffic count driving by the subject property is a major factor commercial real estate brokers look at when evaluating lease or listing price.   Traffic count is the number of cars that pass directly in front of the location.  This is most important to retail business and restaurants.  Number of parking spaces are a large factor as well.  Large anchor tenants such as Target for example will only consider locations with a minimum number of parking spaces.   

As a great Albuquerque, NM commercial real estate broker, I’ve worked with many investors to buy and sell property. I’m an experienced commercial real estate broker.  I have a good understanding of real estate investment strategy, and options.  With the help of a local Albuquerque commercial real estate broker like me, you can expect good advice, and as safe an investment as can be made anywhere in the real estate market, stock market, or elsewhere.  Most investors aren’t able to play in the real estate investment game, because of the large liquid capital requirements.  Real estate investment strategies are mostly long term investments.  Fix and flip property is a small niche in the real estate business, and is saturated and overly competitive.  Most Albuquerque real estate investors are better off with other avenues.  I’ve seen fortunes made from investors leveraging equity in properties they own to buy more and more property.  I will simplify and explain this strategy.  An investor buys any Albuquerque real estate such as a home and then rents the property out.  The rent paid is enough to cover the mortgage payment and maintain the property in good condition.  Over time real estate value increases.  The amount of money that the property increases (equity) can be pulled out of that house with various types of loans, and rolled over to a new property as the down payment.  Now the real estate investor owns two properties.  This can be done over and over.  I know a few Albuquerque commercial real estate brokers and investors that now own dozens of properties, just by making smart investment moves.  They didn’t have much initial capital invested or expose themselves to much risk.  They’re now truly wealthy.

Call me if you need an Albuquerque commercial real estate broker @ (505) 910-9669.

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