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If you need a vacant land broker in Albuquerque I’m your man.  Vacant land sales have been a major focus of my real estate career since I started over eight years ago.  I’m an experienced real estate broker.  I service all New Mexico very well online.  My residential and commercial real estate business is limited to Albuquerque and Rio Rancho so I can be there often in person.  

I often save my clients thousands of dollars my charging a low flat-fee real estate commission.  I believe in charging a fair price for the work that is done.  Most real estate brokers charge higher commissions on vacant property than residential.  Vacant land commissions are usually ten percent of the sales price!  Vacant land real estate sales are easy for me and I charge accordingly.  With vacant land brokerage I usually don’t have to deal with many of the complications of residential and commercial real estate brokerage.  Inspections, appraisals, repairs, reports, emotional clients, and time tables, are easier for vacant land sales.  Call me today and let’s talk real estate….

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When I broker a parcel of vacant land it does still require attention to a mountain of electronic ‘paperwork’ such as the purchase agreement, property disclosures, title reports, NHD (Natural Hazard Disclosure) reports etc.  You will be surprised how involved selling a parcel of land can be.  The paperwork end of a vacant land transaction is just as complicated as residential and commercial.  We just don’t have to do as much or any in-person work.  The online marketing is time consuming but easier for me.  There are a lot less moving parts to a vacant land parcel than an existing residential or commercial structure.  

My technical skills for selling vacant land are top-notch.  My technical skills helped me to become a top real estate broker for vacant property.  I have an extensive background in digital marketing that gets your property SOLD quickly.  I graduated college in 2001 with a degree in marketing information systems.  Since then I’ve kept current on online marketing trends.  I know what works and what doesn’t.  I get your Albuquerque vacant land listed in all the right places.  It takes time but your property will show up on about every real estate website.  National land sites and even the small local sites that feature vacant land will give us exposure.

I’m an expert in representing vacant land online.  As a real estate broker, I have computer programs that help me to outline a property boundary, so it is crystal clear to buyers.  I can show the details of important features such as the existence of power lines, septic systems, water wells, fences.  I use satellite images and 3D programs like Google Earth to show images of the vacant land as if we had a drone photo shoot done.  I do also use drone photography of your vacant land when it will really help.

Call me for a market analysis and value estimate of your vacant land.  I will need as much information as you have on the property.  You can find your assessors ID number or assessors property number that’s usually enough for me to get started.  E-mail me with this number and I can start looking into you vacant property.  If you need a real estate broker who communicates well with you remotely I’m your man.

Your vacant land may have been inherited or have a complicated sales and title history.  I can help you sort through this chain of history.  Much of the Albuquerque vacant land I deal with is titled in the name of a family trust.  Hopefully the trust is in your name, but if not, hopefully you are the current executor of the trust.  In my real estate brokerage, I’ve had vacant land sales drag on for years in escrow.  It was almost always due to the subject property being tied up in probate.  Probate is a lengthy and messy process.  In order to close a land deal, your vacant property must convey a clean title to the new owner.  Escrow and title companies are sticklers about the chain of title for vacant land.

New Mexico is a big desert.  It’ divided up into a whole lot of little parcels.  Each land owner has to pay property tax and this is a huge source of revenue for the County.  In my real estate brokerage I often sell vacant land for clients who have owned the property for decades or more.  The amount of property tax these families, trusts, or individuals have paid over the course of ownership is far more than we can currently sell the property for.  Hopefully this isn’t the case with your property.  Vacant land is one of those assets that owners just don’t seem to get around to dealing with.  Don’t let the grass grow under your feet.  Call or e-mail me today if you need a real estate broker, and let’s deal with it.

Vacant land in Albuquerque can be very valuable or considered almost waste land.  “Location, location, location” is the saying among real estate brokers.  This applies to all real estate.  The location of your vacant land could be in the path of growth.  It may take decades for development to spread to your area.  It might be centuries, or never happen lol!  All we can do is make reasonable predictions about the future.  I wish I would have seen the explosion in Rio Rancho, New Mexico coming long ago.  As a real estate broker, I would have bought up as much vacant land as I could afford.

Water and water rights are always a big factor when it comes to the valuation of vacant land.  For example, the New Mexico State Engineers office allows newly permitted domestic wells to use only one acre-foot of water per year.  Newly permitted wells on vacant land are required to have a meter on them.  The priority of water rights for your vacant land is determined when the permit is filed with the New Mexico State Engineer’s office.  Water is our most precious resource and is very scarce around Albuquerque.  As a real estate broker, I didn’t think we had enough water in our Albuquerque area to support the growth of Rio Rancho long ago.  Maybe that’s why the Rio Grande River is drying up lol. I love the old saying that “whiskey is for drinking, and water is for fightin’ over.”  There have been more fortunes made over water rights than most other tings.  A fair of corruption scandals and crooked politicians have been exposed for this.

Zoning of your vacant land is another important factor.  Use and rezoning possibility can change value drastically.  Zoning for vacant land is complicated.  I wish the Counties would be clearer, or simplify this system.  It makes it tough on real estate brokers.  It’s a lot of work for me to sort through doc’s like a preliminary title report to determine potential uses for your vacant land.  If I can advertise all the potential uses for your Albuquerque property, it makes it a lot easier to sell.

I never bad mouth my competition…. but… there are a lot of Realtors in Albuquerque that sell their clients short.  Real estate brokers seem to do this because they’re lazy.  Some of ’em don’t have experience in vacant land specifically.  There are many details these Albuquerque Realtors miss.

Vacant land in Albuquerque usually takes more time to sell than my commercial and residential listings. My Albuquerque buyer clients usually want a real estate product that’s ready to go.  The market for vacant property is much smaller than for existing residential or commercial.

It takes a lot of planning and know-how to develop vacant land into a home or commercial property.  I have a basic understanding of the inputs needed to get this done.  Site planing, zoning, traffic patterns, and traffic count, are the building blocks of analyzing a commercial property investment.  Besides of course the financial part of a commercial investment property such as the expected return on investment and market cap rate.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Real Estate Broker & Vacant Land Specialist

If you need a real estate broker specialist in farm or ranch estates I’m your man.  Whether your property value is mostly in the land, or if you have a nice home with a buffer of vacant property around you I can help you get the most cash from your sale possible.


Land banking is a concept that’s been around for hundreds of years and has made some of the biggest fortunes in history.  Surprisingly not many real estate brokers know about land banking.  The Rockefeller family is well known for generating much of their wealth from land banking.  In plain english, land banking is buying large plots of land on the outskirts of development and holding the property for a long time and waiting for the land to appreciate, or development to spread to the subject area.  You are ‘banking’ the land for sale in the future.  As the  U.S. population grows and there is need for more housing, these people have to grow and build somewhere.  Strategically bought and ‘banked’ land can be sold for a huge multiple of its original value.  You need a great real estate broker to help get top dollar.  Most of us have seen this happen in our lifetimes.  Here in New Mexico we saw this happen with Rio Rancho.  The growth that has exploded on the West Side of the River is incredible.  Lots of lucky farmers in that area that sold their farms to developers and are now super wealthy.  There’s still plenty of room for land banking investment around the Albuquerque, New Mexico area for you to buy.  I can help advise you as your real estate broker.

Vacant land brokerage in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a different, specialty, niche business.  Choose to work with me; a professional, local, vacant land broker.  I can get more money in your pocket from selling your vacant land than other Albuquerque Realtors.  I can charge less commission and get you top dollar.

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