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Land Broker Real Estate Broker - Albuquerque Realtor

Land broker Albuquerque, New Mexico Real Estate Broker

If you need a vacant land broker in Albuquerque I’m your man.  Vacant land sales have been a major focus of my real estate career since I started over eight years ago.  I’m an experienced real estate broker.  I service all New Mexico very well online.  My residential and commercial real estate business is limited to Albuquerque and Rio Rancho so I can be there often in person.  

I often save my clients thousands of dollars my charging a low flat-fee real estate commission.  I believe in charging a fair price for the work that is done.  Most real estate brokers charge higher commissions on vacant property than residential.  Vacant land commissions are usually ten percent of the sales price!  Vacant land real estate sales are easy for me and I charge accordingly.  With vacant land brokerage I usually don’t have to deal with many of the complications of residential and commercial real estate brokerage.  Inspections, appraisals, repairs, reports, emotional clients, and time tables, are easier for vacant land sales.  Call me today and let’s talk real estate….

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