Need a realtor to sell your home in albuquerque?

The value I add as your Realtor:

As your Realtor my real estate services include everything a modern Realtor can do to get your house sold for top dollar.  I believe I can sell your real estate faster and for more money than other Realtors.  I consistently out market my competition by going above and beyond.  I advertise your Albuquerque real estate everywhere possible on the internet.  I have an extensive marketing background and degree in Marketing information systems (in 2001) and career background that have taught me skills other Albuquerque Realtors don’t seem to have. I have stayed current on the latest digital marketing trends.  Today the real estate market is different since most buyers are tech-savvy.  Online marketing is more important than ever and helps eliminate Realtors and middlemen that don’t add value.  Most Albuquerque Realtors don’t seem to do much more than the bare minimum.  Many of these Realtors enter your listing information into our local MLS, and install a “For Sale” sign and wait for calls.  I’m out there doing everything I can to get qualified buyers to view your home.  Many buyers today find homes for themselves online without the assistance of a Realtor.  

How your home appears online is critical to getting the most money we can in your pocket.  Many Albuquerque Realtors are still taking photos of the real estate they’re selling with their cell phones LOL!  I know cell phone cameras are very good today, but come on.  These Realtors give my profession a bad name because they don’t add the value they should.  As a professional Albuquerque Realtor I have a team of other professionals I lean on throughout my real estate deals.  I do what I do best and trade for the rest.  A professional real estate photographer is one of the first people I lean on in the transaction.  Real estate photography is tricky and can be expensive but I pay for this service for you because it’s worth it!  When your Albuquerque real estate ‘glows’ online it stands out from your competition.  This leads to more showings, more competition, and more offers.  This logically leads to us selling your property for more money, and more money in your pocket.  As your Realtor, I want you to squeeze as much money out of your home sale as possible.  Getting you thousands more for your home is my goal as your Realtor.  

Photos I have done of your property are combined to make a virtual tour of your home.  Most homes aren’t represented clearly online.  They’re often represented deceptively.  We can reduce the number of lookie-loos and get serious buyers looking by being thorough and clear with our representation of your property online.  Buyers really know what to expect if they have seen a virtual tour and layout diagram of the house in advance.  

As a professional Albuquerque Realtor I do my own open houses, and get traffic to attend.  I advertise the event in advance on all the major platforms such as, Zillow, and all the major home search sites and well as our local Albuquerque MLS.  Open houses do still work, even thought I think they’re a bit old fashioned.  I try to find a buyer for your property myself. This way we don’t have to work with another Realtor, who will really encourage their clients to haggle and grind you for closing costs or reduced selling price.  If I’m able to represent both sides of your transaction, as a transaction broker, I can ensure everyone get’s a fair shake.  Many buyers use their phones to search realtors near me and I usually show up. 

Even though I still believe in the effectiveness of open houses I’m a ‘new school’ Real estate broker and know there are better ways to get buyers for you.  I use technology, not directional “open house” signs to get qualified buyers looking at your home, and not tire-kickers who come for the snacks and free drinks. 

Promoting your Albuquerque home for sale on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and instagram is another feather in our quiver.  As a Realtor, I realize the importance of getting your property all the exposure possible.  

Another great marketing extra is drone photography.  Not all houses or real estate I list would benefit from this service, but I use it whenever it’s appropriate. Drone photography really helps with selling homes with large lots, or luxury homes with pools or extensive landscaping.  For example, I broker a lot of vacant land around the Albuquerque area.  Most often it’s sufficient to use Google Earth or another satellite program.  

With vacant land, regular photos don’t seem to do much for making the property look it’s best.  I use either drone photography or a combination of aerial photos and satellite images.  I then digitally mark up the images to show the property boundary or point out important features about your vacant land property.  I’m an expert land broker and serve all of New Mexico well online.  

If you’re in the greater Albuquerque, NM area including Rio Rancho I would like to earn your business and be your Realtor.  I can walk you through the complicated and often tiring and emotional process and make it as smooth as possible.  Whether you’re buying, selling, or leasing.  Commercial property, vacant land, residential homes, are all my business.  


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Albuquerque and Rio Rancho real estate listings include the works!

When I’m your Realtor, you get a lot of hand holding and in-person help.  I can walk around your house and point out anything that might need to be repaired prior to listing.  I can suggest how to best stage your furniture if it could improve.  If your home is empty I can have it staged with furniture, and add touches that get you a  higher selling price.  You become blind to things you see every day.  A new perspective can help… especially from the perspective of a professional Albuquerque real estate broker like me. 

As your Realtor I host open houses.  Professionally hosted open houses do work.  That’s why you see them done so much.  When I’m there as your Realtor and you are away, it’s easy for potential buyers to view the house, and feel as if it could be theirs.  Open houses hosted by owners of the home aren’t effective because buyers feel they’re in someone else’s home.  It’s a sub-conscious turn off! 

I can also be on site if you don’t live locally in Albuquerque. I can meet with inspectors, appraisers, and contractors to keep the deal moving and make your life easier.  I handle the many transaction details that would run you ragged.  I can set up and handle showings of your vacant house if you need to move before we close escrow on your current home.  The full service real estate listing option is great for those of you who really want to squeeze the most money out of your sale.  Please call me with any questions.


Selling Your Albuquerque Home – The Process

I wish the process of selling your home in Albuquerque were easier.  The sales process can be long involved and emotional.  As your Albuquerque Realtor, I will walk you through the process and make it as painless as possible.  I can describe the sales process here in short.

The process of selling your Albuquerque home all starts with your decision to do so of course.  The condition of the market could be up or down.  It could be a sellers or a buyers market.  Real estate goes in cycles and hopefully you can capitalize on good timing.  The moon and the stars don’t always line up for you though, and when when you need to move, it’s time to sell.

First we need to evaluate your Albuquerque home and its value. As a Realtor here in Albuquerque this is often the hardest part of my job. Most people think their houses are perfect and can sell for top-dollar. I often have convince my clients to be reasonable about the asking price of their home. The Albuquerque real estate market is very competitive. Home buyers are very price sensitive. You shouldn’t just shoot for the moon, and expect a home buyer to try and negotiate you down to reality. If your house is unique or has some really cool and unusual features, then you can certainly ask more for the “cool factor.” Albuquerque real estate buyers almost always search for homes themselves online. When they search, they “filter out” houses that are above their budget. If your asking price is too high, we miss a lot of potential buyers because they don’t even see your house in their search.

There are many national and local Albuquerque real estate search websites. Most of clients selling their homes in Albuquerque have some idea what their house is roughly worth before they meet me. Sites like provide what they call “Zestimates” which are very rough estimates of what they think your house is worth. This value they give you is usually high, not low. They want you to have a good feeling about them and their website and use one of the Albuquerque Realtors that pay to advertise on their website. I can run a more realistic report of comparable sales for you. Almost all Albuquerque home buyers use a mortgage loan to buy their house. Mortgage lenders ensure they don’t over pay for houses by having appraisals done to determine value. The reports I can run for you are more like what an appraiser would run, rather than some automated algorithm used by Zillow or one of those websites. Pricing your Albuquerque home in line with the market from day one, will lead to faster sale time, and more money in your pocket. I can help you evaluate the condition of your home and suggest any repairs or changes we should make before listing your home for sale. Once you have settled on the proper listing price, and the house in sellable condition, it’s time for the next step.

Now we want to get your house ready to advertise online. With my full service Albuquerque real estate service, I hire a professional photographer. How your home appears online on the national and local Albuquerque real estate search websites is very important. We get more buyers looking, and more offers. We will also have drone photography done if I think your property would benefit from that.

Next we have an open house and allow all interested buyers to see your house.

Before long if we have priced your Albuquerque home correctly we should have one or more offers. I can help you negotiate the complicated New Mexico purchase agreements. I try to get buyers to compete for your home. I help you pick the offer with the best price and terms.

Once we have an accepted purchase agreement for your Albuquerque home, we open escrow and order a title insurance policy. Escrow companies are neutral third parties who are trusted to handle the money for your real estate sale until all conditions are satisfied for both the buyer and you the seller. They will deposit the buyers earnest money funds and hold them until the deal is complete. When you sell your Albuquerque real estate a title insurance policy ensures the buyer that they will own the house free and clear, and not have any problems with liens you may have on the property. I’m sure you’re straightforward and honest. You would be amazed though how many times I have seen an Albuquerque home seller “forget” about a loan they have taken out against their home. Title companies do extensive background research on your house and issue an insurance policy that guarantees the buyer there is no funny business. If any funny business does come up in the future, the title company is responsible for paying up, not you. This policy usually costs you the seller about one thousand bucks.

The buyer for your Albuquerque home will likely have all sorts of inspections done to make sure there are no surprises for them. Often these home inspectors will point out small flaws that you wouldn’t have noticed. Buyers can ask for you to make repairs but it’s a negotiation with you. You don’t have to agree to repair requests, but we don’t want the buyer to back out so be reasonable. Real estate appraisers sometimes want to come in your house. It’s required with some loan types that a home appraiser goes inside your house and verify condition and that certain appliances are present. Appraisers do frequently throw a wrench in my deals. If we have sold your Albuquerque house for more than the value the appraiser tells the lender your house is worth, we are negotiating again. You are able to back out of the deal if you want, but it’s usually worth it for us to reduce the sale price to the appraised value and keep the buyer in the deal.

We can how move to the final stage of closing your sale. If you still have a mortgage loan you’re paying then you will have to do a mountain of paperwork to settle with them. You keep the equity you’ve built in your home… WOOHOO! and pay the mortgage company the rest.

Now we find you another house:)


Economics of Albuquerque Real Estate

Real estate economics in Albuquerque is complicated.  For the scope of this website we will simplify the concept.  Economics is is the simple function of supply vs. demand.  Other factors also play a part such as mortgage interest rates.  The old saying is that something’s worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.  In New Mexico most homes for sale are getting multiple offers.  Buyers often have to offer more than the list price of a home for their offer to be accepted over the competition.  Appraisers help keep the market in check and help buyers from over-paying and lenders from over-lending.  In Albuquerque our real estate market has been very steady.  We don’t have big swings in real estate values as they do in areas of California for example.  Slow steady growth has been the norm for our Albuquerque real estate values.  Recently in 2020 and 2021 the historically low mortgage interest rates, and low inventory of homes for sale have caused values to spike more than normal.  I don’t have a Realtor crystal ball to see what the future holds but think the Albuquerque market will hold value.  

Historically real estate is one of the best economic investments a person can make.  Warren Buffet said there have been more millionaires made in real estate than any other business.  Everyone wants to time the market as well as they can.  Buyers want to buy low, sellers want to sell high.  I suggest not waiting to make a sale or purchase.  Do it when the time is right for you.    


faq's for abq home sellers

What should I expect of a real estate broker who is selling my home?

Your Albuquerque real estate broker is your partner throughout the entire process of selling your home. They’re your personal marketing expert. A real estate broker helping you to sell your home will first talk with you to go over a CMA or comparative market analysis of your home. This helps you to properly price position your home in the competitive Albuquerque or Rio Rancho real estate market. Once you’ve agreed on a fair listing price and are happy with your potential net proceeds from the sale, your Realtor will then market your home in the best way for your particular property. Some homes could benefit from aerial photography or photographs with a fish eye lens. Other homes might be shown in their best light with a virtual tour, and other homes might be fine marketed with still photographs. A full marketing plan should be developed to promote your Albuquerque real estate to the widest audience possible. Submission of your listing to the GAAR MLS and other online real estate mega sites, possibly print advertising, and promoting your listing to other agents and brokers. If possible your Realtor should represent you at every showing. Once an offer or hopefully multiple offers come in on your property, your Realtor will help you negotiate the best price and terms, and help you get through the detailed closing process as quickly as possible.

What is an exclusive right to sell agreement?

An exclusive right to sell agreement for real estate is the most commonly used type of listing agreement. This is the initial agreement between the seller of the home and the listing Realtor and or broker. This agreement sets forth the terms of the agency agreement. The amount of time of the agreement (which is usually six months to one year), commission to be paid (six percent is standard which is split among all real estate transaction servicing parties), the asking price of the home or commercial property, and other selling terms such as marketing details. The reason the exclusive right to sell agreement is the most commonly used is because the other forms of real estate listing agreements would not facilitate a Realtor adding the property to the MLS. Entering your Albuquerque property into the MLS is of paramount importance. Without broad internet visibility (which the MLS provides) you limit your property’s exposure. Proper marketing is what real estate brokers do, and without an exclusive right to sell agreement for your Albuquerque real estate, no Realtor would be willing to incur the marketing expense of adding your property listing to the MLS or giving it the proper exposure elsewhere.
This is technically a bilateral executory contract, which is a promise for a promise. Your Albuquerque listing broker or Realtor promises to take the proper care in marketing your listed home or land, and you as the home or land seller agree to pay them a commission if they themselves sell your home, or another cooperating Albuquerque real estate broker does. Your Albuquerque Realtor or Broker attracts buyers that might be represented by other real estate brokers or Realtors by proper marketing of the property. In this situation, your Albuquerque Realtor has done their job in attracting a buyer for your home by adding your property to the MLS and or other forms or marketing, and the standard six percent commission is split between your selling agent and the buyers agent.

What’s a reasonable market time to sell your home?

There is no straight answer to the question, “how long will it take to sell my home?” The best answer I can give is very general. If your home is listed at the proper asking price in the current competitive Albuquerque market, then it should sell from thirty to sixty days. This is very general of course. In 2021 with COVID and historically low mortgage rates they often sell in a few days. Market conditions are constantly fluctuating and there are slow seasons, such as the holiday season, when real estate buying and selling activity slows drastically. Summer seems to be the “hot” season and more homes are bought and sold in the summer than other times of the year. Other factors will help sell your home faster such as proper staging (if the home is vacant), and overall good presentation. Condition of the walls and paint, the curb appeal of the house and landscaping go a long way. As the best Albuquerque Realtor (LOL) I will help you to put your best foot forward when selling your home and get your home sold in the quickest time possible. I know that often you must sell your Albuquerque home before you can buy another one. Whatever your reason for selling your Albuquerque real estate I know you want to sell it quickly and I can help you do that.

How can I get top dollar for my home?

I get asked by clients often “how can I increase the value of my home?” My answer is usually the same. It’s unlikely that it would make financial sense to do any major repairs or remodeling to your home before sale. It’s well known that you don’t get the money that you put in back. You only see a small percentage of your return on investment when remodeling a kitchen or bathroom for example. It’s just not realistic to slow the process of selling your Albuquerque home, because we’re waiting on renovations which will not net you any profit.
There are some simple things you can do to increase the value of your home that will not break the bank, or slow the time to market of your home. I personally look at a minimum of ten houses per week in the Albuquerque area. I can tell you from extensive knowledge of the market that you’ll get an overall “feel” of a property. Homes that show well sell fast. Houses that are in disrepair languish on the market and are discounted more than a fair amount. You get top dollar for your home by listening to me, your Albuquerque Realtor and readying your house to enter the market in the best possible light. Priced right, with god curb appeal, and good overall “feel.”

Will staging your home help it sell for more money?

When I am asked “will staging my vacant home help me sell it for more?” I usually say yes. When my Albuquerque home sellers think of staging, they tend to think that only means bringing in furniture and accessories to an empty house, but that’s not always the case. Staging can be the rearranging or taking away of furniture in the house you currently live in and are selling before you move out. It is a well known fact that houses that are staged well sell faster and for more money than homes that are either empty or cluttered. The idea is that you want home buyers to imagine themselves living in the house. You can facilitate that by making it easy for them to picture themselves watching TV, entertaining, cooking and all the things that we all love doing in our houses.
As a great Albuquerque Realtor, I can help you add or take things away to help stage your house best for a quick profitable sale. For example, if you collect figurines, and they’re all over the house and it looks like the show “Hoarders” I would try to convince you to box those figurines up and give the house a cleaner look. Feng Shue (if I am spelling that correctly) is not just some ancient Chinese useless concept. A good flow throughout the house, proper positioning of furniture and accessories will give your home a better feel. Buyers are aware of it whether they are conscious of it or not.
It is not always appropriate or in the marketing budget to stage an empty house with any or all the furniture that would make your empty house look lived in, but I’ll recommend staging if I think it’s necessary.

How do I prepare my home for an open house?

This question only comes up when my Albuquerque home sellers are still living in the house. If your house is empty of course you don’t have to do a thing, leave everything to me, your Realtor. If you are still living in your house while it is on the market, I suggest a basic checklist of things for you the seller to do. Then I take it a step further, and work my Realtor magic. If you can hide any family pictures it helps to make the home look less like “someone else’s house” in a buyers eyes, which is good because we want them thinking of it as theirs. I want you to hide any of your valuables, such as jewelry, or anything that might go missing. Firearms need to be locked up and out of site of course. I’ll take one family at a time through your home and keep track of kids and everyone as best I can. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure, so hide those things of value. If you can give the house a thorough cleaning it certainly helps. We might want to consider bringing in a cleaning crew just before the open house. I’ve used these cleaning crews before and they are a great value. If you don’t mind me bringing in a Glade plug-in or something to give the house a good scent, I always like to do that. Baking cookies just before the open house is also a great trick. It’s best if you can then leave the house (with your pets if you have any) for a few hours, and let me do my job. I will be well prepared to answer any questions regarding the house, and will have marketing materials to give to everyone that comes to buy.

When is the best time of year to sell my house?

I think you shouldn’t stand on ceremony. Once you’ve made the decision to sell your Albuquerque home, well that’s the best time to sell your house. In a perfect world, where you can afford to pay your mortgage and property taxes until that “perfect” time of year to sell your house, then I would suggest you sell the property in Spring or Summer. Spring is a time of new beginnings, and people are making life changes, and that includes their real estate. If a buyers family includes children that’re in school, they would likely want to move before the school year starts. Since this isn’t a perfect world though, sell the house as soon as you are ready. The market might be up or down a little bit but we don’t have a crystal ball so sell your house whenever it is right for you and leave the rest up to the cosmos.

Where do home buyers go to start their real estate search?

I’ve read that about ninety-five percent of Albuquerque home buyers start their home search on the internet. I’m an internet marketing expert, and that’s probably how you came across my website. I can advertise your home online as well as it can be done, and not all Albuquerque real estate brokers are created equal. I have a marketing degree and background in marketing information systems. I can do a better job of exposing your listed property beyond the MLS to all prospective buyers and get your home sold faster, for more money than the competition.

What are real estate closing costs and how much are they?

Closing costs vary depending on what type of property you have. I always prepare a net sheet for my Albuquerque seller clients so that they know what they will net from their sale. Generally speaking, take your gross sale price and subtract the standard six percent marketing fee that is divided among real estate agents and their brokerages. Additionally subtract such things as title reports, any fees associated with paying off your existing mortgage on your property if you have one. Flood map reports, natural hazard reports, and the list goes on, but don’t let the closing costs overwhelm you. In the grand scheme of the sale of your closing costs are worth it.

What is a home inspection? What does a home inspector do? How much does home inspection cost?

So I will answer these questions one at once.  A home inspection usually costs about five hundred dollars. If that sounds expensive to you, don’t worry the home buyer is usually the one who paying for the inspection. Buyers tell me all the time that “five hundred dollars sounds expensive.” These home inspectors earn every cent of their money in my opinion. It’s like the old joke “why are divorces so expensive?” Because they’re worth it! 

“What does a home inspector do?” They look in every nook and cranny of a home, they check out the roof, the attic, the plumbing, appliances, and each and every single part of the home. They look for termites, make sure the pool isn’t leaking, (if there’s a pool) etc. 

“What is a home inspection?” It is insurance for all parties in the real estate transaction that there will be fewer lawsuits and problems arise after the successful closing of your real estate transaction.

Do we have to move out immediately after we sell our house?

I wish there were a shorter answer to this question but to sum it up, no. Albuquerque real estate transactions are complicated and so are people’s lives. You as a home seller can’t wait for the perfect time to put your home on the market. You list the property for sale, then if it sells, and you aren’t ready to move, you negotiate as part of the sale the terms of your relocation date. I often see my Albuquerque home sellers stay in their house a few months after the successful closing and sale of their property. Their kids can finish the school year or for many other reasons. I can help you negotiate terms that make your real estate transaction go smoothly and keep all parties happy. You might wan to pay rent for a few months to the new owner, with a definite move out date. This way you’re able to move when the time is right. The moral of the story here is don’t get “paralysis by analysis” and not sell your house because the moon and the stars aren’t lining up for you right now. Let’s get your house SOLD and we will figure out the details as we go along.

Rental homes and apartments are below.  Scroll Down for Albuquerque homes “FOR SALE.” 


Albuquerque residential Home prices

  • 373883.33,378612.19,381815.65,379220.72,387699.65,415824.18,418814.21,423931.56,415659.39,413732.83,425150.52,444631.17
  • 303050.06,294287.57,301286.45,314329.57,326024.58,343351.95,337553.12,340282.37,335363.43,346052.96,357481.48,358397.90
  • 289900.00,288950.00,292250.00,294407.50,299750.00,319000.00,318212.50,325000.00,318000.00,320000.00,325000.00,340000.00
  • 253000.00,250000.00,260000.00,265000.00,279000.00,285000.00,285000.00,285000.00,285000.00,289000.00,300000.00,297500.00

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2021

residential absorption rate in Albuquerque

  • 1.48,1.24,1.07,0.93,0.9,0.83,0.93,1.01,1.12,1.18,1.18,1.08

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2021

Albuquerque Homes for SALE inventory

  • 1831,1560,1373,1198,1161,1091,1238,1359,1527,1586,1585,1460
  • 1143,980,1252,1204,1550,1675,1697,1742,1896,1699,1474,1412

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Original Home price vs. SOLD Price

  • 98.7,98.5,98.4,98.5,99.6,100.4,100.9,101.5,101.3,100.5,100.2,99.5

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2021

Days on market Homes SOLD in Albuquerque

  • 25.1,26.8,30.8,34.2,26.7,22.4,19.5,14.7,15.5,15.0,15.7,17.6

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Albuquerque Homes SOLD volume

  • 684580378,590635018,524232888,454306419,450119288,453664179,518491997,576122991,634711888,656180276,673871075,649185009
  • 346386217,288401814,377210634,378452802,505338095,575114508,572827645,592771888,635849072,587943983,526935201,506073828

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